Our Story



Ausmedio was founded with the Collaboration of a Pharmacist, Automation Engineer, and Australian Registered Nurse – a Fully Australian-owned & operated company. All manufacturing processes are conducted in Melbourne, Victoria employing only local expertise across all verticals right from production to distribution.?

Further, being a dynamic, forward-looking organization, we have set in place a team of agile professions holding rich experience in the field of Pharmaceutical, Medical, Engineering, Customer service, and Marketing.

Our products cater to serve both the health-care industry as well as the general population. We use state-of-art automation technology & Artificial Intelligence empowered software to provide consistently - the highest quality products on time, every time.

Our vision is to be an Advanced Medical products manufacturer & distributor providing the highest quality medical supplies in Australia.

Our company has marked out aggressive growth plans for the future by adding more products to the existing range.

The Ausmedio Promise is the guarantee that the product you purchase is the one you will receive.

Proudly Australian Owned and Operated

Nationally recognized in Australia for the ResproShield Surgical Face Mask, Ausmedio forges ahead as the supplier with 99% VFE  across the entire nation.


>  All surgical face masks are manufactured using fully automated machines using state-of-the-art  automated technology with Artificial Intelligence.

> Complies with the Australian Standard, AS 4381:29015, single – use face masks for the Healthcare Industry.

> All products are manufactured in ISO7 (ISO14644-1 standard/FED Class 10,000) Clean room with minimal human intervention.

> Included in Australian Register of Therapeutics Goods ( ARTG  NO: 340211)

Technologicaly advanced machineries
The function of advanced machineries in Ausmedio is primarily focused on utilizing machine tools that use advanced technology and software, such as manufacturing robots. These forms of advanced machineries and the IT experts engaged in its creation are used to help simplify and optimize some of our daily processing activities and necessities. Moreover, using advanced manufacturing technology like manufacturing robots allows for a much quicker and cost-effective product manufacturing method that will enhance and consistently support our PPE production and supply. We also utilize advanced technology in our software, which automates and improves critical IT processes.
Artificial Intelligent Software
By utilizing AI software at Ausmedio, it essentially provides our developers and IT experts with tools to build intelligent applications, whether that be adding machine learning or creating an entirely new application from nothing with the help of an AI platform. The reason for doing this is to build a completely new application or add machine or deep learning to a pre-existing application. It allows us to implement general machine learning or more specific capabilities, such as natural language processing, speech recognition, etc. The benefit of doing this in our manufacturing process is that it better automates tasks, which essentially save on significant time and energy, making the manufacturing process simpler, and allows our employees to work more efficiently and productively.?
ISO certified Class 7 Clean room for manufacturing
In simple terms, Ausmedio’s ISO 7 cleanroom is designed to prevent any external contaminants from coming into contact with whatever processes are happening inside, whether that’s the manufacturing or handling of products. It is also the same class of cleanroom that is actually used in a variety of industries from pharmaceutical labs, testing booths, specialist manufacturing facilities, etc. We require all our workers to wear protective garments such as face masks, gloves, hair and beard covers, and lab coats. Similarly, our controlled ISO 7 environment ensures that humidity, temperature, air quality, and general environment are all highly regulated to protect all products and equipment from dust contamination and other impurities that could compromise any of our product's integrity.



Mariadas Capsran

General Manager


Engineer (A.I & Robotics)