Healthcare systems and professionals are under pressure to deliver better care to more people around the world for better value. They need innovative solutions they can trust. That’s where AusMedio comes in. We’re here to advance performance in healthcare. As such, we’re always looking for new ways to provide innovative, integrated health care products and services. Moreover, we’re here to be trusted consultants and advisors to our clients. This, in turn, should support them deliver the most high-grade quality patient care, including enhancing their practice management profitability and efficiency.

Nationally recognized in Australia for our excellent customer service, highly competitive prices, and innovative value-added solutions, we operate an efficient practice and strive to constantly deliver high-quality health care products that are fully Australian made. 

Our vision is to become an unmatched medical service that can provide you with the highest quality medical supplies without any foreign interference, giving the Australian people and health care workers the protection they need, anywhere, anytime.

Proudly Australian Owned and Operated (a)

Ausmedio has taken all possible actions to meet our clients' needs, and with the demand for face masks increasing at a rapid pace, our priority has been to expand our supply chain capacity to enable the most impactful response. Besides diversifying our supply chain and increasing our domestic production in Australia, we expand and advance our manufacturing processes by providing our facilities with innovative and long-term sustainable AI solutions. This means ensuring that we only produce an extensive range of high end, fully certified, wash-tested, and reusable PPE products. Furthermore, because most of the PPE products used in Australia are imported, Ausmedio was built to cater to the local supply chain and help reduce the dependence/need for international products in an attempt to promote local job opportunities better and reduce reliance on other companies abroad.?

Technologicaly advanced machineries

The function of advanced machineries in Ausmedio is primarily focused on utilizing machine tools that use advanced technology and software, such as manufacturing robots. These forms of advanced machineries and the IT experts engaged in its creation are used to help simplify and optimize some of our daily processing activities and necessities. Moreover, using advanced manufacturing technology like manufacturing robots allows for a much quicker and cost-effective product manufacturing method that will enhance and consistently support our PPE production and supply. We also utilize advanced technology in our software, which automates and improves critical IT processes.

Artificial Intelligent Software

By utilizing AI software at Ausmedio, it essentially provides our developers and IT experts with tools to build intelligent applications, whether that be adding machine learning or creating an entirely new application from nothing with the help of an AI platform. The reason for doing this is to build a completely new application or add machine or deep learning to a pre-existing application. It allows us to implement general machine learning or more specific capabilities, such as natural language processing, speech recognition, etc. The benefit of doing this in our manufacturing process is that it better automates tasks, which essentially save on significant time and energy, making the manufacturing process simpler, and allows our employees to work more efficiently and productively.

ISO certified Class 7 Clean room for manufacturing

In simple terms, Ausmedio’s ISO 7 cleanroom is designed to prevent any external contaminants from coming into contact with whatever processes are happening inside, whether that’s the manufacturing or handling of products. It is also the same class of cleanroom that is actually used in a variety of industries from pharmaceutical labs, testing booths, specialist manufacturing facilities, etc. We require all our workers to wear protective garments such as face masks, gloves, hair and beard covers, and lab coats. Similarly, our controlled ISO 7 environment ensures that humidity, temperature, air quality, and general environment are all highly regulated to protect all products and equipment from dust contamination and other impurities that could compromise any of our product's integrity.